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What is this a corvette show
We know how to parrty
Tom and Sheryl showing their dance moves
The Presidents car
relaxing at Myrtle
Our Corvette Friends
Getting ready to go
Great day for taking pictures
Great job with the sign
Hangin' with the show
Great turnout
Is this a baby blue
Line Dancing at it's best
Our Club shows ttheir stuff on the dance floor
great day for golf
Get the party started
First night of banquet
enjoying the first day
Dan and Carol tearing up the floor
Dan and Carol Kohler
and it starts
And here we are
All the way from Australia
Party Time

"Corvettes at The Beach" Myrtle Beach, SC

This is the second year our club has participated in the Myrtle Beach Corvette Club's Car Show at Broadway at the Beach.  The weekend started out with a Pre Car Show Dinner and Dance at the Landmark Resort.  We had a great time and appreciated the hospitality of the club.  (June 3 & 4, 2016)

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